Car Servicing 

How to Service Your Car By,

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”YmE2gFTaqmg” title=”How to Service Your Car By” upload_time=”2012-07-20T15:32:45.000Z” description=”Rob from shows you how to service your car yourself. The car we used for this demo is a 2005 VW Golf with the 2 litre TDi engine. In the video”]

Rob from shows you how to service your car yourself. The car we used for this demo is a 2005 VW Golf with the 2 litre TDi engine.
In the video we cover:
Oil change
Oil Filter Change
Fuel Filter Change
Air Filter Change
Pollen Filter Change

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18 Replies to “Car Servicing ”

  1. not much of a service, tire depth brake pads, wipers, lights ,cables , play in steering ,suspension just drop the oil and everything is oj

  2. i wish people would stop complaining on here. hes offering guidance and education to people for free and he seems like a nice guy

  3. Even though my car brand is different ,, i love this video & your demonstration & total inspection , servicing was totally superb …

  4. Thanks Mick, I had my golf serviced today ( just a basic) and it cost me AU$288, ($200 was labor) and am not complaining as I thought that was pretty good. After watching your informative video, I reckon I could probably do this myself. Thanks for taking the time to do this video.

  5. Good Job my friend. a very uesful video. it helped me do service to my car myself & saved me a lot of money

  6. Really good video my friend thanks a lot. I did all the service myself it all wen´t smooth. I´m now wondering how to reset the Maintenance alert. My Golf V is giving me the Alert inspection in 1000km. I did the oil a bit earlier but I didn´t reset anything. Do I need a VCDS ? Thanks

  7. So i don't feel okay taking my car to the mechanic knowing that i can fix and service it myself. Well i'm not a mechanic but i can say i'm a car guy. I don't want anyone else to work on my car unless it's something i can't fix my self. I have an 08 mkv gt sport 1.4 tsi golf and i would like to know how often i should service it, how often i should change each filter and fluid. I recently got it and i changed the oil only as my mech told me oil filter wasn't necessary. Should i just go ahead and change everything or wait for the service mileage to come? Really helpful video and definitely gets you into the whole spirit of service of a car! Nice work.

  8. What a nice gentleman you are, it's good to see someone with passion in what they do. I'm a newly trained technician and you're the kind of boss I would really like to work for.

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