V8 Maintenance 

BMW E92 M3 Reliability 133,000+ Mile. Cost, Repairs, & Maintenance,

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BMW E92 M3 Reliability 100,000+ Miles. Cost, Repairs, and Maintenance!

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17 Replies to “V8 Maintenance ”

  1. 3 yrs old 80 thousand miles that's way too much miles bro it's supposed to be at least 45 thousand miles that car was used and abused

  2. Interesting content in a sea of new car reviewers. It's like trying to assess a hot chick based on your Vegas bottle poppin encounters when you really need to see how bad her breath stinks and how real her face is the morning after sweats with no make up on.

  3. Good videos big fan
    I found a 2011 M3 with 43K for 35k the car is a comp edition do you think that's a good price I have an 05 with the comp package but I need that V8

  4. Thank you so much for the helpful advice. Appreciate it so much and now I am subscribed.

  5. It's fucking cheap.. in Denmark it's like $70.000 for an m3 from 2008. And it's freaking 2017 now!

  6. I'm going to test drive an '08, manual this morning with 45k on it, selling for $29k. I've watched all of your videos and am a little concerned that the car has too few miles on it.
    Question: Was the '08 more problem prone than the later M3's. I was told that the first model year of any major changes in cars was the one to avoid. The car i'm looking at was traded at the local BMW dealership. I've had cars serviced there and they seem pretty straight. Getting a PPI done there probably wouldn't be wise?
    "Love to know your opinion.

  7. After: Turned out not to be a manual. Not as quick as i expected. Horrible gas mileage.
    Ride, handling, power, economy not close enough to my '15 GT Mustang to make it worthwhile. I've owned 5 BMW's…. all newer 335's, Z4, 135. Don't see that much difference in the M3. Great looking coupe but not enough bang for the buck and risk of rod bearing issues.

  8. Do you think you'll do the rod bearings? Looking at an 09' with 105k on the clock right now. Calculating the rod bearings it into the price.

  9. Lol, if you need to spend a couple hundred $$$ for a BMW stealership to "look over your car", you absolutely have no credibility knowing anything about maintenance, DIY, or anything mechanically with your m3.

  10. chief how you? love your vidz.
    by the way fixed my actuators.
    managed to find a guy that fixed both boards on the actuators.
    it's running like a beast especially since I did bearings in Dec

    so sept this year plan to do a mild upgrade to reduce back pressure ie free flow and allow thermo to do its thing (I'm an engineer as well so understand compression ratio constraint)

    what's your thoughts on super charging whilst undrstanding compression constraint

  11. Hey man, You really gave a decent, simple, no bullshit description of the maintenance you had on the car. Thanks for that and please keep making these vids!

  12. Hey RDDC if im looking at a 2011-13 e9x m3 what mileage should i look for? ive seen some priced mid 30's at 11k miles to 39, 55, 60+ what do you think is your best bet in getting one that had had parts replaced that commonly go wrong. ive watched a lot of your videos and see the 3 commons. i just dont want to deal with it after the last vehic i had after ive replaces the engine and tranny and then some

  13. OK, so normally I'd look at any other car maker other than BMW because I pretty much couldn't stand BMW for the most part for a long time. I've always heard about their crappy reliability and always steered clear of them, but I'm starting to broaden my horizons and looking at a bunch of interesting automobiles that have drawn my attention lately, including 4 different Beemers; the M3, M5, M6 & 7 series. My main concern about BMW is that they are potentially overpriced lemons that need more maintenance than other cars do. Is this true? I really hope it isn't. Some of the new M series and the 7 series I like a whole lot. Are they really as bad as people say they are?

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